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Established 1983

Island Forklifts was established 1983 by proprietor Norman McKee, the business was originally established as a services company which developed over the years and now offers services specializing in hire, sales, transport and machinery relocation.  David McKee has now taken over control of the company driving services forward for our customers.

From an original staff of 2, with an extensive training program for mechanical, machinery relocation staff and transport drivers Island Forklitfts has grown to employ 12 full-time staff with additional sub-contractors. 

Island forklifts mechanical division supply an invaluable service for the stevedores of Belfast harbour ranging from 3tonne forklifts, skid steers to container handlers. 

Sales division of Island forklifts are experts for locating equipment for all customers what ever your cost allowance, Forklifts, skid steers, shovels, lorries, shutters, clamps and all forklift equipment.

Island forklifts has a fleet of 100 trucks for immediate hire ranging from 2 tonne,16 tonne diesel forklifts, 2 tonne,10 tonne lpg forklifts and telescopic handlers, all equipment supplied with/without fully qualified driver. 

If your not sure what you need or the task doesn't look straight forward call us for a free site survey and our services will be designed to suit your needs. 


Forklift Services

We offer a very comprehensive range of Forklift Trucks for hire, as well as the sale of new and used trucks.

Hire with or without driver

Widely known throughout Northern Ireland for our immediate hire service Island Forklifts Ltd strive to accommodate all our customers requirements, including last minute ones. 

Sale of used forklifts

Our sales staff at Island Forklifts Ltd are regarded as experts in their field of locating and procuring forklifts of all brands and lift capacity regardless of cost to suit all their clients needs.

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Our qualified specialist mechanics have considerable experience in many types of vehicles such as, skid steers, artics, rigid lorries and trailers, low loaders and JCB shovels as well as our forklifts.

Sale of New Forklifts

We facilitate the sale of new forklifts to our customers through the great working relationships we have built up, over many years, with our local suppliers who supply our rental fleet.

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Gas forklifts are powered by either an interchangeable gas bottle, or can have a permanently mounted refillable gas bottle, they are designed for intensive use in a wide variety of industries due to their low noise emissions and the fact that they emit no soot particles makes them environmentally friendly. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are ideal for working in distribution warehouses, for loading and unloading trailers either via ramp or loading dock because of their low emissions. At Island Forklifts Ltd we generally keep between 1500 and 8000kg lifting capacity trucks with more specialist machines available up to 25 tonne capacity



Diesel forklift trucks really are the work horses of industry. They are powerful, rugged, reliable and able to stand up to the harshest environments. All of our machines are fully serviced and provided with 12 months LOLER certificate. At Island Forklifts Ltd our diesel trucks are available in lifting capacities from 2 tonne right up to 16 tonne and are able to handle any task that is thrown at them, they are very well suited to outdoor and yard use. Island Forklifts Ltd always have a large and varied range of new and used diesel forklifts available for hire or for sale .arn more...



Electric forklifts are available in two types either, 3 or 4 wheeled. They are best used indoors where the noise and gas emissions of engine powered machines can be a problem. 4 wheel electric machines are used generally in larger factory and warehouse situations where longer travel distances are required. Ranging in lifting capacity from 1500 – 4000kg. 3 wheel electric forklifts are generally used in more confined areas such as small warehouses and even in pallet racking due to their compact size and very tight turning circles. 3 wheel forklifts are available in lifting capacities from 1000 – 2000kg, with lift heights available up to 6000mm.

Forklift Daily Rental

80 per day
  • We supply a comprehensive range of forklifts available for daily or longer rental.
  • Please call for details of our complete range available
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Forklift Longer Term Rental

£ Please Call  
  • We supply a comprehensive range of forklifts available for daily or longer rental.
  • longer rental rates apply from 2 weeks or more
  • Please call for details of our complete range available
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IF Logistics

We can provide logistics for almost any requirement throughout Northern Ireland

Our flat-bed extendible and 19 tonne per metre Rigid Hi-Ab lorries is what we primarily use for transporting smaller items e.g. steelwork, small 2 -5 tonne forklifts trucks, sectional communication masts, small NIE transformers and workshop tools lathes and milling tools etc. No job is too small.

Our rigid Hi-Ab and Artic with standard trailer would be used for medium duty removals and slightly larger plant machinery, 7-9 tonne forklift trucks, steelworks and small factory relocations. 15 metre reach gives us the edge in placing equipment in awkward places.

We specialise in factory relocations and heavy plant machinery removals. Our 80 tonne articulated lorries with their 65 tonne cranes can move practically anything, silos, wood-crushers, industrial lathes, telecommunication masts, trailers etc, the list goes on.

  1. TRANSPORT - National and International Road Haulage Licence holders and R.H.A. members Island Forklifts Ltd transport division I.F. Logistics operate a fleet of artic and ridged lorries for prompt and immediate delivery when an order has been placed for hire. This fleet also services Island Forklifts Factory reclocation department I.F. Logistics have contracts with many companies both in Northern Ireland and the mainland, these services include plant transport, repossession orders, general haulage, auction sales, boat transport. If it fits we’ll move it.

    Due to the increase in business, we have now added to our already large fleet of machinery moving equipment a new 80T articulated lorry complete with a 65T per metre crane. This will enable us to be even more versitile in the movement and installation of machinery.

    With its' 15.3 metre reach, this new piece of equipment has a wide range of uses, from the erection of small sheds to the installation of large machinery in buildings.Try it 
  2. FACTORY RELOCATION AND INSTALLATION - Island Forklifts machinery relocation staff are the Number One Choice for Installations and Relocations in Northern Ireland regardless if the equipment is on the top floor or basement of any factory or office block. Staff are trained in rigging & slinging and the use of telescopic handlers and forklifts trucks. Island Forklifts have a full array of space saving lpg forklifts 2tonne, 3 tonne, 5 tonne and a selection of 7 tonne with varied height capacity. Island forklifts strive to maintenance and install equipment with minimal disruption to our customers working environment.ry it now!
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Island Forklifts
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